Your Wedding Your Way !!

This Special day is to be all about you, the Bride and Groom. As the Bride you have had years and many thoughts as to how you want your Wedding to be. Your Dress It's so you ! Your Location After looking into several, You found it and love it !!! Your Wedding Party of close friends and family Have been Chosen.

You both have sampled your way through the menu, Done

Picked your mood for your big night in Music Check. You are knocking these things off your check list and Making good headway too !

Now it comes down to you choosing Your Photographer--- Who will be there to Document your Momentous Day! You want to look for someone who will Capture your story. I feel that Photography is the utmost form of art that there is. I would love to make your Memories Last a life Time!!

Remember your flowers will wilt, Your cake will get eaten but your Photographs will last forever !!!

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